The Top 10 AI Consulting Companies for 2019

AI represents a massive opportunity for today’s companies.

According to industry leaders like PwC and McKinsey, artificial intelligence is a multi-trillion-dollar industry. As we continue to unlock the secrets of things like natural language processing and neural networks, AI becomes even more appealing.

Unfortunately, reports by MIT Sloan and BCG suggest that AI adoption is slow. The main reason for this is that companies don’t know how to embrace intelligence in their organization. From lack of a strategy to limited access to AI talent, there are roadblocks to digital transformation. Fortunately, AI consulting companies can help with this.

So, which are the AI consultants worth considering in 2019?

10. Sigmoidal

An award-winning consulting and machine learning team, Sigmoidal works with organizations around the world. They specialize in support for mid-sized and large enterprise businesses in the UK, USA, and Dubai. Sigmoidal’s team is made up of more than 15 machine learning consultant experts. Each member has logged hours working with brands like McKinsey, PwC, Google, and even NASA.

Sigmoidal prides itself on delivering an end-to-end machine learning and AI development strategy. You can trust them to manage your entire project, from data preparation to deployment. What’s more, they can even deliver analytics and insights too.

9. Wildfire

Claiming to be the #1 AI consulting company in the US, Wildfire helps hundreds of mid-sized to large companies embrace the power of AI. Wildfire specializes in data science, machine learning, deep learning, and automation. They feel that their customers need someone who can guide them through the complexity of AI with transparency. That’s how they’ve managed to lock down clients like Verizon, and Citibank.

Some of the projects that Wildfire has worked on include dynamic retail pricing and fraud detection for finance groups. Wildfire has also helped build image analysis solutions for the healthcare sector.

8. LeaderGPU

Sometimes, the best AI consultant isn’t just someone who can guide you through the ins and outs of artificial intelligence. Many modern companies also search for AI consulting companies with experience in design and development too. LeaderGPU is a designer of bespoke AI projects. The organization provides consulting services to help you decide what kind of AI you need. Once you’ve discussed your custom machine learning strategies, LeaderGPU can build solutions to your specifications.

An advanced team of AI specialists ensures that LeaderGPU is always ready to create innovative solutions for their clients. The business also provides support solutions for ongoing analytics and deep learning strategies.


7. Blu

Blu is one of the more traditional AI consulting companies on this list. Businesses like Blu focus on helping growing organizations to formulate AI strategies. Using thought leadership and an in-depth knowledge of the artificial intelligence space, AI makes digital transformation easy. They aim to help businesses get closer to their customers, and their goals, through intelligence.

With a dedicated team of experts for each project, Blu can give you access to the cutting edge of AI knowledge. As well as one-on-one consultation, they offer formal education workshops, project implementation strategies, and private speaker sessions.

6. GoodAI

Everyone should have access to the latest and most disruptive tech in the marketplace. At least, that’s what GoodAI believes. Founded on the desire to deliver “general artificial intelligence,” GoodAI invests in the power of AI. This company feels that with the right technology, humanity can gain a better understanding of the universe.

With over 30 research scientists, consultants and engineers on their team, GoodAI has plenty of insights to offer. They’re happy to do the necessary legwork on behalf of their clients to discover potential AI strategies. What’s more, the company can even help you to implement your new artificial intelligence solutions.

5. InData Labs

InData Labs is a business that specializes in various areas of artificial intelligence. The company has a background in machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. This means they can help with designing and implementing new technology. InData Labs doesn’t mind what size of the company you run. The team works with start-ups and large enterprises alike.

The process begins with a period of discovery, where InData Labs reviews your current operations. From there, they can make recommendations for new tools and architecture. From proof of concept, they’ll even extend their services to produce your AI systems, implement them and optimize them over time.

4. Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants are an expert consultancy team with specialties in a wide variety of sectors. The organization’s expertise in machine learning and artificial intelligence is diverse. Cambridge Consultants can guide you through the complexity of AI. They cover everything from modern deep learning, to traditional Bayesian inference strategies. There are even opportunities to explore the possibilities of unsupervised machine learning and natural language processing.

Cambridge Consultants can design, deploy, and maintain bespoke AI systems from the ground up. Alternatively, they’re happy to work alongside third-party platforms and services too. Some of the company’s specialties include low-latency processing and deep neural network training.

3. Brainpool AI

According to their website, Brainpool AI wants to democratize access to AI. Believing that AI should be available to everyone, Brainpool helps businesses to navigate artificial intelligence. Within the Brainpool network, you’ll find an impressive collection of over 300 world-class experts. Each of these individuals is on-hand to help with your AI consulting and strategy.

Over the years, Brainpool has played an essential part in growing awareness for AI initiatives. As well as offering consulting, the company also runs AI academies and scoping programs. Brainpool has delivered expert consulting to organizations in many different verticals.

2. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services is a consulting company that provides insights into many different verticals. The business appeared in the “Winner’s Circle” for HfS research’s Enterprise Artificial Services awards. The accolade highlights TCS’s potential as an AI consultant.

The experts behind Tata Consultancy Services can help with everything from robotics, to machine learning, and AI. Using a machine first delivery model, they enhance human and machine collaboration. TCS believes that automation and tools can help to solve complicated company issues with speed and accuracy.

1. Keyrus

Far larger than some of the bespoke AI consulting companies on this list, Keyrus is a global organization. With more than 2,700 employees across 17 countries, it’s one of the world’s leading consultancies. Not only does Keyrus deliver custom solutions for data analytics, but they also offer an insight into the AI and machine learning worlds too. Many leading brands rely on Keyrus today, including AZA, Disneyland, and AT&T.

To make their AI consulting solution even more impressive, Keyrus recently teamed up with Dataiku. Dataiku is the UK Enterprise Startup of the year for 2017. Both companies now deliver even greater artificial intelligence solutions for their customers.

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