Ask the Expert: Guy Cuthbert, Founder, CEO, and CTO at Atheon Analytics

Guy Cuthbert, Founder, CEO, and CTO at Atheon Analytics

In this week’s Ask the Expert, we speak to Guy Cuthbert, the founder, CEO, and CTO at Atheon Analytics. The company provides visual analytics tools to help organisations better understand their business and performance. In particular, Guy is responsible for the organisation’s business plan, vision, values, and direction.

In this podcast, Guy shares his expertise on data in the grocery retail field and explores why cutting edge data science will always be at the heart of business. Furthermore, Guy delves into the ways that data visualisation can help companies save time and money. He also details how data visualisation can better identify events such as discrepancies. Finally, Guy outlines how best to go about actually creating the visuals.

“An awful lot of people see analytics as a special word and don’t really Think about what it means”

“Visual analytics Lets you…move away from relying on mathematics, statistics, Or particularly large tabular formats of data”