Integration across IT, DC, NOC, Cloud

Integration is a business need and a problem to some organisations.

Enterprise Management 360° reached out to Andy Lawrence, VP of Research at 451 Research to conduct a podcast interview with Colin Aurelius, CEO,  TDB Fusion. In this podcast, they discuss the complexity of the issue of integration across devices, operational divisions and cloud. Attempting to integrate legacy systems, Data Centre, NOC, IT, Cloud environments and cloud based apps can seem a challenge too far. But there is light at the end of the tunnel as Andy Lawrence discovered during this podcast

Here’s what you’ll learn from the podcast:

  • How TDB Fusion can enable customers to access siloed data and across platform services in their organisation, pull that together into a single dashboard view and provide integrated and connected views for anyone from the boardroom to operations.
  • TDB Fusion’s ability to automate operations across these environments and trigger events such as onboarding to reduce time and cost overheads.
  • How to validate the asset system by automating asset management and reconciliation centrally.
  • Simplifying information and enabling the management team to view information more easily and transparency to ‘the customer’.
  • Understanding the clear business benefits of simplified integration – control, visibility, transparency