Alibaba invests $22 million in European open-source database company

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Alibaba, believed to be the largest e-commerce company in the world, is investing $23 million into MariaDB, according to a report on

MariaDB is said to be a popular open source database server systems provider.

The startup was previously valued at approximately $250 million.

The Alibaba investment increases that valuation to $300 million, and adds Alibaba’s principal engineer Feng Yu to the MariaDB board.

This is the latest in a series of investments Alibaba has made in cloud services companies as it looks to diversify its revenue streams.

Currently Chinese company Alibaba’s main revenue earner is its business-to-business e-commerce operation.

Now, the company is looking not only to the cloud computing market, but also logistics, which it previously did not have much financial stake in.

The company looks to be following the business model of Amazon, which started as a online retailer and branched out to logistics and cloud services, as well as many other sectors.

MariaDB was built by the original developers of MySQL, according to information on the company’s website.

It’s described as a community-developed fork of the MySQL database, which means that connectors and libraries are common to both and are likely to work with both.

Alibaba is also planning to establish a dedicated computer games business unit, according to

The company has already invested almost $300 million into the games sector, buying games and console developers, as well as building a content delivery network for the distribution of games, video and other entertainment content, such as augmented and virtual reality.

While some of these markets are new and relatively small, the computer games market is of course already massive worldwide, and China is no different.

Alibaba founder and chairman Jack Ma is said to have been reluctant to invest in the games sector, but the computing infrastructure required for games is probably what is interesting to the company.

The company has established an Alibaba Cloud CDN services company.

According to some reports, more than 60 per cent of all internet traffic in Asia will go through content delivery networks in the next few years.

Content delivery networks locate servers in many places around the world and serve files from the users’ nearest location, thereby making online games and other services faster and more reliable.