C-Level Executives ‘Cautiously Optimistic’

enterprise technology

More than 90 per cent of C-level executives are “cautiously optimistic” about their business technology, according to a ChristianSteven Software report. 

ChristianSteven, a business intelligence solutions firm, says it surveyed more than 500 C-level executives in Europe and the US about subjects including data security, client retention and what they consider their top priorities.

Almost half of top executives are concerned about a “disruptive” company entering their industry and taking some of their market share.

And in perhaps a surprising response, more than 45 per cent said they do not rank data security as one of their top three business priorities.

Christian Ofori-Boateng, CEO of ChristianSteven Software, says: “Our study allowed us to take a close look at the business and IT concerns that top executives are focused on, allowing us to provide the best BI reporting.

“We learned that even during these times of political and economic uncertainty and technology, American and European executives are cautiously optimistic. Some fear competition from a new market disruptor or automation, but most are hopeful about the role technology will play in their businesses moving forward.”

This survey, conducted by GITNS.com for Christian Steven Software, outlines the results of an international survey of more than 500 C-Level executives revealing the priorities, concerns and expectations for technology that are driving business decisions across industries.

Additional findings from the ChristianSteven Software BI Report include:

  • 51.4 per cent of executives surveyed rate gaining or retaining clients as their top business priority for 2017
  • Over half of respondents (59.1 per cent) are not concerned that increased automation will threaten their businesses
  • 87.5 per cent of C-level financial service professionals surveyed are hopeful about the future of technology in their business

The survey was conducted by GITNS.com for ChristianSteven.