From legacy call centre infrastructure to next gen

From legacy call centre infrastructure to next generation customer experience platform

Janelle Matthews, Senior VP of Solution Strategy, Genesys

Today’s contact centre has multiple interaction channels, including voice, chat, email, web, mobile, and social. While customers appreciate having a variety of communication options, they are increasingly frustrated by fractured, high-effort interactions. Businesses across every industry are struggling with outdated, legacy call centre infrastructure with siloed digital and voice channels that hinder customer journeys. The result is diminished service levels, missed sales opportunities, and reduced operational efficiency.

With digital transformation and customer expectations continuing to evolve, having the optimal technology to design and orchestrate customer engagement across channels has become essential for sustaining service levels and operational efficiency. This requires a single customer experience (CX) platform that supports omnichannel customer journeys and the tools that employees need to make them happen. This can be part of a greater organisational decision to move to an integrated CX platform on-premises or in the cloud. Here are a few key capabilities to look for in a CX platform that can help you achieve next generation CX.

Omnichannel Journey Management

The customer experience (CX) has become a key competitive di fferentiator, and the ability to deliver exceptional CX is now necessary for achieving top-line growth. To achieve “exceptional” status in the minds of customers, journeys must be personalised and consistent across every touchpoint, whether self-directed or with an agent.

A CX platform that supports omnichannel CX can enable you to move beyond random interactions to orchestrated journeys, while supporting the shift from single channel, departmental solutions to an enterprise-wide solution. Progression toward complete omnichannel CX can be phased in to avoid impact on service levels. Once the integrated platform is deployed, solutions can be easily plugged in as needed over time. And, many key
elements are achievable immediately, including ensuring seamless transitions from self- to assisted-service and providing agents with full visibility of the customer’s journey history to support multimodal interactions and reduce customer eff ort.

Orchestrated Omnichannel Routing

The queue-based routing approach, which powers the majority of contact centres, is inherently static, rigidly siloed, and unwieldy to manage. With the addition of digital channels and customers using multiple channels, sometimes within a single interaction, this approach no longer supports today’s CX standards.

Contact centre routing is the foundation for delivering personalised, omnichannel CX and engaging employees. With a CX platform that supports orchestrated routing, customers can be matched with the best available resource at the right time in the right channel. Customers can also pause and resume their journeys with relevant engagement data and context preserved to inform journey path analytics and optimal routing decisions. e system can remember where customers left o and carry them forward to the next step of their orchestrated experience, whether that is routing them to an agent for assisted service or o ering them the best self-service action.

Integrated CX Platform for Contact Centre Infrastructure and Workforce Optimisation

With a CX platform that integrates workforce optimisation with orchestrated routing capabilities, the bene ts are far-reaching – from being able to deliver improved CX to reducing absenteeism, increasing retention, and elevating overall e ciency. rough an integrated CX platform, employees also gain the advantage of tools that support their success.

• Omnichannel desktop with access to the right information
• Omnichannel workforce management (including intraday optimisation)
• Ongoing skills assessments and relevant training and coaching
• Call recording and quality management
• Interaction analytics for both speech and text
• Performance management

Make It Happen

To realise next generation CX, consider deploying a single CX platform that helps you deliver a wide range of better business outcomes. e Genesys Customer Experience Platform helps you streamline processes and operations to make better use of your agents, and deliver exceptional experiences. With a platform that supports any type of deployment (on-premises, cloud, or hybrid), and is proven across contact centres of all sizes, you can di erentiate your customer
service and support. To learn more about upgrading your contact centre solutions and achieving next generation CX, read the 2016 Gartner Report Critical Capabilities for Contact Centre Infrastructure.