Oracle launches new cloud services

Oracle launches new cloud services, says Amazon’s dominance is over

Oracle has launched a range of new cloud services which it says will end Amazon’s dominance of the market.

Oracle Cloud Platform is the latest addition in what is becoming a busy market, which was more or less invented by Amazon.

Thomas Kurian, president of Oracle product development, says: “Oracle Cloud Platform enables developers, IT, and line of business leaders to easily leverage the Cloud for any workload.

“Oracle Cloud Platform offers an integrated offering across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, because that’s what the enterprise customer demands. Oracle makes it easy to run our open standards based Platform as a Service in the public cloud with high performance and availability.”

As well as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, Oracle has also launched a new DBaaS.

Jargon busted  

Although there was some unintelligibility about the term when it was first being used widely a few years ago, cloud computing has since become more well understood.

Although it is a broad concept, cloud computing essentially means hiring computing resources, whether it’s hardware or software, generally located on the internet, provided by another company.

So, instead of your enterprise having your own servers, you could choose to use a server on the internet, hosted by a cloud services provider. It would still be your server and be secured from intruders, but it’s not physically at your premises.

Nowadays, that basic concept of cloud computing is understood, and its specific types of sophistication and abstraction are also being recognised. The most well-known types of services cloud computing facilitates include:

  • IaaS — Infrastructure as a Service
  • SaaS — Software as a Service
  • PaaS — Platform as a Service
  • DBaaS — Database as a Service

It’s not me, it’s you 

Oracle’s move is being seen by tech industry observers as a serious attempt to knock Amazon off its perch, although even for Oracle that seems a tad ambitious.

Nonetheless, speaking at the Oracle’s recent OpenWorld conference in the US, the company’s CEO, Larry Ellison, said it was all over for Amazon: “Amazon’s lead is over. Amazon’s going to have serious competition going forward.”

According to most surveys, Amazon is the leader in the cloud services market. Even though the criteria can be a little confusing at times, Amazon is generally thought to boss the cloud sector.

The reality as they claim to see it 

A company called Synergy Research Group surveys the market for cloud computing, and has probably always placed Amazon at the top.

In its latest available study, SRG says Amazon has greater market share than the next three rivals combined. We have used the SRG data to create the pie chart below.

Source: Synergy Research Group


The perception of reality as they claim to see it 

Another company, IDG Enterprise, conducted a survey into what it described as “cloud mind share”, which we found on

What IDGE means by mind share is not entirely clear, but that’s understandable given the term. What is mind anyway?

In what is probably a plausible claim, however, IDGE says mind share “increasingly translates to gathering market share”.

Using data from the IDGE we have created the following chart, once again showing showing Amazon in the lead, although with a far smaller lead than in SRG’s survey.

Source: IDG Enterprise


What’s it all about? 

While bar charts and pie charts and statistics in general can be debated, with some having more validity than others, what seems generally agreed is that Amazon has the most market share.

However, SRG notes that the other companies have been seeing almost 100 per cent annual growth rates, which means Oracle’s Ellison may be right in saying that Amazon’s dominance is over.