Cyber Security and Its Effects on Our Lives, by EM360 board member Senior Security Engineer X Infotech Jurijs Rapoports

X Infotech's expert Jurijs Rapoports goes through the major effects cyber security has had on our lives and where it will take us in the future

Every single day we leave our homes, lock the windows, shut the doors and hope that it’s enough to protect all our valuables. For a long, long time, closed doors were enough to thwart robberies. But, today, a thief isn’t going to break your lock, he’s going to sit behind a computer screen…

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the name of any protocol or process put into place to protect electronic data of the general public. Cyber security measures are put into place to counter something called cyber attacks that are specifically engineered to steal user data and manipulate it to exploit the said data. When we say data, we mean pretty much any and everything from pictures of your birthday party to your credit card information. The things that the right people could do with that information is endless and well, cyber security is the only thing preventing someone from buying guns with your credit card.

How Does it Change Our Lives?

To really understand exactly how cyber security is affecting our lives, we have to flip the table and tackle this question from the other side. How is cyber crime affecting our life and what is cyber security doing to prevent it? Let’s get right into it.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is the most common cyber crime and probably the most dangerous one. The things a hacker could do with even simple things like your name and age are really scary. The worst thing is that identity theft is actually something that could ruin your life. You won’t just remember the hack as a bad memory, the actions the hacker does with your identity could possibly carry on for the rest of your life. They could access your banking details and put your hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. They could use your identity and sneak into across the border. Such damages take years to repair and if it wasn’t for cyber security, we wouldn’t even be able to use our own name on our Facebook accounts.

Hacks Against Business

Back in the day, the way to move ahead of competition was to create a better product. Now the way to success is stealing ideas and copying them. A good example of this would be the HBO hack in 2017. HBO was making billions off of each episode of the popular show Game of Thrones. However, hackers got into their servers and posted unreleased episodes of the show every single week. This ended up costing the company a fortune. Cyber security is meant to prevent just this. By securing company interests, conglomerates have a much higher chances of keeping their secrets, secret and prevent a ton of money in losses.

Peeking Into Personal Lives

It is important to remember that not all hackers are going to just do what they’re doing for money. Some do it just for mere entertainment and in our opinion, these are the people you should be afraid of. Instead of your credit card information, they’re going to hack into the camera of your laptop and literally look into your house. And, if it wasn’t for cybersecurity, no one could possibly used a laptop without a tape on the camera.

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