CxO of the week: Blockchain super entrepreneur and Shark Tank judge Vinny Lingham

Vinny Lingham is the CEO and co-founder of Civic; a “secure identity platform.” It utilises blockchain in order to take security to the next level, moving on from the history of third party authenticators. Lingham was also previously the CEO and co-founder of Gyft, a giftcard transaction company, incuBeta, a marketing startup, and also Yola, a website builder.

Civic’s Secure Identity Platform serves to protect developers and businesses alike. By generating keys through a third party wallet that provides firewalls between Civic and user’s keys and fully encrypting identity data, Civic fully protects all data related to their clients.

Civic also uses decentralised architecture, meaning that the previous methods of using a username or password is a thing of the past. This means that security breaches do not depend on a party discovering a username or password, allowing your information to be fully protected.

Lingham is a versatile entrepreneur that immediately gained experience from diving headfirst into the industry. Despite not finishing University, Mr Lingham’s success with incuBeta, his first company, led to him having clients such as Yahoo!, Ebay and even

Amongst his many accolades, Lingham has been named the Top ICT Entrepreneur in Africa and was named as one of the Top 500 CEOs in the World by Richtopia. As an excellent spokesperson for blockchain, Mr. Lingham has hosted various beginner guide talks about Blockchain, including a TedX in his native Cape Town.

Lingham is also looking to revamp Cape Town’s tech industry. He is the co-founder of Silicon Cape Initiative; a tech community in Western Cape Town. By investing in startups, Lingham is allowing many businesses to blossom in ways they would not have before. His long-lasting career and his concern to accelerate the tech industry is why he is our CxO of the week.

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